hovertext for credit

"a good point well made"

no punctuation

too much punctuation


writing "dong" when you meant to write "doing" but you already pressed send and now it's too late

asking "Are we flirting?" constantly and inappropriately

saying "Retweet!" when you are speaking in person

saying "Retweet!" instead of retweeting

#over #hashtagging

spelling things wrong for comeidjac efefct

capitalizing Random words for Emphasis


my friend lauren

incorrect or even correct use of Facebook topics

overly serious language in casual spaces

overly casual language in serious spaces

that thing where you put a cucumber just outside a cat's line of sight and then they flip their shit when they see it

referring to things as part of your #brand and making good #content for it

"reason toast"

emoji use by the over 60

casual alcoholism

textual descriptions of Snapchat stories

the probability of me owning a home

the dickhead tradie who tailgated me as I was turning into my driveway and then, when overtaking me into oncoming traffic to avoid having to wait behind me, drove over a pothole and punctured his tyre


when you write a sentence so it includes "do do"

people who think maths study is dealing with big numbers when in actuality you learn greek and cyrillic because you ran out of letters

will j grant

saying "see you there" when invited to an upcoming event 1000+ miles away

when The Doctor was turned into a tiny old CGI elf man and put in a cage


the fact that samuel is "such a leo"

the freshman's dream of squaring brackets

the freshman's dream working in base 2

the freshman's dream of living on their own

the post grad's dream of moving back home

cat stickers

mum facebook

retweeting your own hatemail

punchline in a different medium


who are you to say this is Funny?


my endlessly hilarious friend adi; wynne, inventor of comedy; ya boi l; wynne, and idiot who forgets funny things semi-regularly;  sincerely ,  your friend and colleague , lucy; greysob; not your friend lauren; casual meme lover; sarah; lauren; Chandler Bing and every other sitcom; scoot (you're welcome); allegra rsnbrg;